A Sunscreen Is A Must For Use On Scars To Prevent Further Damage To The Skin

Our skin needs to be moisturised in order to stay soft and working well. This is a task that is achieved by the sebum glands that lie down below beneath the skin surface. A hair follicle grows out of the pore. There are dead cells in this pore as well. Now when the dead cells get in the way of the sebum, the oil is not able to get to the surface of the skin. This blockage piles up under the skin escalating into a big bubble like structure that is visible to us like a pimple.

Acne is more common in teenagers. This is because more sebum is being produced all over sudden by the changing body. This results in having a greasy skin. Washing correctly may help reduce the symptoms of acne. Face washing if practised 2 times a day regularly could help keep a clear complexion. You can also get the best acne treatment here.

Squeezing the pus out of the pimples should be avoided at all costs. The protein fibre collagen is mostly found in the second layer of the skin and is the body’s way of repairing itself. Inflammation caused intendation of scars because of the loss of collagen from that particular infected spot. Indented scars may require a chemical peel in order to smoothen up the appearance of the whole skin.

Exposing the scar to the sun can significantly slow down the healing process as well. The ultraviolet rays are going to cause discoloration by stimulating pigment producing cells otherwise known as melanocytes. A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 should be used in case of expected exposure to the sun Also avoid the times of 10 to 2 pm when the suns rays are going to be at their strongest. Wearing shirts with long sleeves, a wide brimmed hat and long breathable trousers in the summer is highly recommended. Using an umbrella or staying in the shade as much as possible should be a great help too.

Scars can take on different shapes. Some names are atrophic which are shallow as well, ice picked shaped are narrow but deeper as well, then there are the boxcar shaped. Hyperpigmetation or darkening of the skin may be noticed by dark tones people. People with lighter skin tones may only develop some redness within the scars. The pinkness of the scars is actually due to the movement of new blood vessels into the injured area.